Airfield ZELJAVA
Monument to the human's ingenuity (...and stupidity)
Airfield now Pljesevica-slope
Memory to Robert Facebook (LYBI Željava) exYU AIR FORCE equip.     LYBI dioramas  
ARTIFACTS (items found in the ruins of Zeljava)

Cockpit of the Mig 21
Zeljava doc009Zeljava doc008Zeljava doc010

Landing gear of the Mig 21
Zeljava doc011


Documents found in 2007 ina kitchen of the AF ZEljava, and they speak about some nutrition elements of the YPA soldiers

Price list of the daily meals in december of 1989 when hiperinflation take place in SFRJ (exYugoslavia)

Price list of the daily meals in february of 1990 when was introduced scld."Markovic dinar" whose course was 1DEM=7din

Price list of the daily meals in march of 1990, there has been some price increase regarding february

Price list in YPA kitchen, december 1989.

Price list of the daily meals for the various users categorys, february 1990.

Form for using summer/winter vacation for the YPA members


Documentation of the 352nd.Recon SQDN (few fliht planes from 1990)
Vodic za docasnike046Vodic za docasnike047 ------Vodic za docasnike048Vodic za docasnike049

Vodic za docasnike054Vodic za docasnike055
Vodic za docasnike056Vodic za docasnike057

Vodic za docasnike058Vodic za docasnike059

Vodic za docasnike060Vodic za docasnike061

Biorythm for the pilots (januray 1983.)

Training plan for the year 1983


Important notice for all who have plane to visit AF Zeljava!
This is the view of AF Zeljava area by CMAC (Croatian Mine Action Centre)
...seriously consider these informations if You have a plan to visit AF Zeljava!

If You decide to go inside the tunnels of the "Klek" facility (underground part of tha AF Zeljava) please be very careful because on certain places from the ceeling hangs very big concrete pieces only on the armature iron.
Also, some parts of the tunnels is in the very poor condition and at risk of collapsing!

Most critical parts are:
-center of the "Star" (position 38 on the schema, danger of collapsing, dust)
-big ceiling crack in the tunnel that leads to exit 4 (position 50 on the schema, danger of collapsing)
-entrance 1 (on the ceiling hangs large pieces of the concrete on the armature iron)
-lower elevator station who lead to the control tower

It also would be important to protect the respiratory organs because of the known PCB compounds pollution through the dust.
Also unknown is the fate of ionization smoke detectors, hundreds of them were placed on the tunnels ceilings.
Those in normal use are not dangerous, but if their casing are broken then radioactive component of americium-241 can be free and easily absorbed in the lungs...that can cause cancer and genetic damage in extreme cases.
A t t e n t i o n !

With destroying of this airfield great ecological damage has been done. This survey here shows that on Zeljava airfield has been detected high concetration of a chemichal compaunds polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), especialy in the tunnel 1 where that concetration is 164ppm(parts per milion).
Here is some more data about PCB compaunds (non-englsih).

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) in Zeljava
Toxicological situation in facility today (2008)(non-english)
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Schematic display of underground water connections around mountain Pljesevica:

Survey results of connections displayed on chart left:
Whole document, from which was taken this 2 part's, you can download from here (on english).

Magazin "Voda i mi "(Water and us), nr.43/2005, pages 44-50 include this article
"War waste and soil pollution of karst areas in Bosnia and Hezegoovina with polychlorinated biphenyls" you can download from here (non-english).

PMR 2A mine (without explosive charge)

Pieces of the different ammunition founded at the entry 1
(fragments of the cluster bomb BL755 and 300mm bulet from anti-aircraft Gun

Fragmentation body from the cluster bomb BL755


Destroyed head of the air-rocket AA2 Atol

AA Atol2 from AF Zeljava 


Different documentation founded at the AF Zeljava

AF Zeljava documentation 




Potato peeling machine (documentation) from the kitchen in STAR-->KLEK facility
Zeljava doc016 Zeljava doc026

Zeljava doc027 Zeljava doc028 Zeljava doc029 Zeljava doc030

Zeljava doc017 Zeljava doc018 Zeljava doc019 Zeljava doc020

Zeljava doc021 Zeljava doc022 Zeljava doc023 Zeljava doc024

Zeljava doc025


Drink refrigerator (documentation) from the kitchen in STAR-->KLEK facility
Zeljava doc059

Zeljava doc060Zeljava doc061Zeljava doc062Zeljava doc063

Zeljava doc064


Blank form for demage paymant
Zeljava doc004 




Ruler from Airport Flight Control (AFC)


Evelope with key from the ammunition storage in the airport Cerklje (SLO)



Part of vertical situation display from control tower

Tiles for so-called "strips" from control tower

Apartment assignment in city of Bihac for exJNA members