JNA military units that has been deployed on airport Zeljava:
...source of theese data are people with nick names
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200th air base;
-military police company;
-infantry company,
-engineering battalion,
-radio company,
-ABHO squad ;
-Airport Operating centar – flight control
-Commissary company;
-Transportation company;
-Medical platoon,
-Firefighting platoon;
-Construction platoon;
-Construction detachment;
-Aviation support battalion;
-Aircraft technical maintenance Company;
-Aircraft technical supply Company;
-KLEK facility (facility maintenance unit)

(200th airbase has developed 67th batallion for security of aviation ,236 and 62th aviation security company which has been deployed airports under jurisdiction of 200.vb -Udbina,Prijedor and ?)

117th fighting regiment;
-124th fighting squadron;
-125th fighting squadron
-352nd reconnaissance squadron,
Just a little introduction to history of 117. LAP
Informations about this unit from year 1983..

117. LAP cherish the war tradition of 112nd  fighting regiment which was formed on December 15.1944. on airport Veliki Radinci near Sremska Mitrovica, under the air divisions. Taking part in final operations for liberation on the Sremski battle front and east Bosnia.
Comrade Tito has visited this unit for 4 times. Preado is the first fighter plane made in home production S-49C on the airport Zemun 1950.  Next time Tito has visited this unit in 1952. when the regiment receives war flag from his hands.
Both times Tito has stayed on Bihac airport in 1968 and 1969.
117. LAP had two squadrons during peaceful times and three during war and VTCO for the maintenance. It has been armed with L-17 planes.
Regiment in formation formed for peaceful times had 280 men:
- officers..............76
- jr. officers.........121
- soldiers............85
From the quoted number of officers, 64 have been pilots according the peaceful formation of regiment.
Regiment was according the war formation comprised of  520 men, thereof the 95 pilots. Beside this two squadrons, according the peaceful formation, in the case of mobilization regiment is filled with subordinate 129th LAE from 185th LBAP which has performed a pilot training in Pula airbase during peaceful times.
Armament of  117th LAP during peace is 30 planes, thereof the 25 L-17 and 5 twoseaters.
The yearly flight volume is about from 4000 to 4500 flight hours.
data source-->http://otpisani.niceboard.com

200th light artillery -rocket regiment PVO (air defense);
...had most likely 4-6 larb PVO and lab PVO was battery composition

51st battalion of VOJIN (air surveillance);
-company VOJIN Pljesevica
-company VOJIN Zadar
-company VOJIN Kozara
-company for management (ceta za upravljanje (CZU)_ manages Operating Centar inside of Klek facility
-radio company
-1st platoon of VOJIN_ mount top 377 or Jasen facility. Armament comprised of radar AN/TPS70
-technical platoon (platoon for technical interventions in battalion units, with purpose of giving technical support also to the other units if necessary)